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Keep everyone safe all the time.
-Frank Myers

Strength of IML and
The SoundCommander?

IML Corp was created in 1991 and since has remained at the top tier of mass notification equipment. They have been able to do this by developing products known as The SoundCommander. Not only has The SoundCommander produced some of the most efficient loudspeaker systems, but they have also offered complete customization from the physical design, sound pressure, and the structural housing. IML Corp can and has designed The SoundCommander to fit any and every need. Besides the visible aspects of its design, IML Corp offers unique one of a kind software integration. “SC” can be coupled with IML’s Alert Commander to provide direct interaction via, any available messaging system.


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What is IML Corp ?

IML Corp is a brand made in America, globally recognized for its designs and manufacturing of the highest quality emergency sound and alert systems, known as the Sound Commander. The ability to create noise at a high volume with maximum clarity, places IML Corp and The SoundCommander products, in the top tier of mass notification systems throughout the world. IML Corp is often utilized in Emergency management and tactical operations.

"Be Loud, Be Clear, Be Safe
Be in Control"


"IML Corp has a simple goal;
- Frank Myers

With IML Corp’s patented sound technology, we can accomplish our goal anywhere in the world. In an emergency, you want to use every medium possible to communicate with the people present, in the most transparent and precise way. This is made possible with The SoundCommander.


  9/11, wildfires, hurricanes, Columbine, Sandy Hook, Parkland, hate crimes, and many other mass tragedies have caused suffering due to failed safety and security in these given situations. If a dangerous situation is not perceived or acknowledged, how can it be protected against? The day and times we live in make danger somewhat unpredictable. As hard as institutions, organizations, and safety personnel try there is always the fear of an unforeseen threat. IML Corp’s mission and purpose, is to allow for immediate reaction to any situation and clear communication on how to move toward the resolution of that situation.

Industry Standards

The idea for IML Corp is a high-quality, customizable sound. The current standard for audio is it must deliver a noise level 6 -12 decibels above the ambient noise level to meet MNS standards. In addition to the sound pressure, the noise must register at a minimum 50% clarity. The study of acoustics will tell you sound is heard differently based on the medium in which it travels. Even the placement of a sound device and it's surroundings can have positive and negative effects on your sound.

Safety regulations

All venues, organizations, warehouses, farms, facilities, and commercial locations are required by law to take certain safety precautions. These precautions have similarities that are unique to specific areas and configurations. Safety variables are many in the field of security. One of the most sensible and often required solutions is audio. In the event of an emergency, you want the danger to be recognizable, and you want to be heard by your loved ones and 1st responders.

why we are industry leaders

IML Corp offers the top acoustic speakers in which we achieve 70% to 80% clarity of human voice. All of our systems can perform comfortably above any set ambient noise limit. The SoundCommander series is hugely customizable. IML Corp has designed wireless speakers equipped with battery backup, solar power, equipment monitoring, and a system called Alert Commander in a facility surrounding a city. (Click check mark to view article)

Range of sound

The SoundCommander offers crystal clear audio, coupled with customizable systems that allow you to cover an enormous gamut of safety variables. IML's technology will enable us to be loud; our systems coverage ranges from 1 mile to 212 square miles (135,680 acres). One acre is the size of an American Football Field, and one square mile is 640 acres. For example the design and construction of IML Corp's/The SoundCommander, 135,680 acres are protected and connected at Hawthorne Army Depot, Hawthorne, NV.


Questions from Students & Teachers

Sound Commander & Alert Commander are GSA APPROVED.

Quality Acoustics for Clear Control

3500 (Portable)

The SoundCommander 3500® is the powerful wide area loudspeaker system of choice for military bases (deployed & military), police stations, fire departments, ambulance responders, refugee camps, public venues, and more throughout the world. We get the word out with superior intelligibility and clarity with the SC3500 : “Giant Voice” projection in full 360º.

SoundCommander® 5600
AHD (Acoustic Hailing Device)

The new SC5600® is an array of six speakers that can be used as a single unit or two three-speaker arrays. Improved, optimized internal sound dampening materials over previous SC 3600 series speakers protect the hearing of anyone standing alongside or behind it. The SC5600 comes with a 600-watt amplifier and newly designed electrics.


 SC360® wide area mass notification loudspeaker system is a complete solution that projects warning tones crystal clear, live and pre-recorded voice audio over a full 360º area. With the SC360 systems your live voice messages will be fully intelligible to extended ranges up to 800 meters. It is the powerful fixed installation loudspeaker system of choice for colleges/universities, military bases, zoos, parks, and other large indoor and outdoor venues.

1100CP (Portable)

Powerful, Portable Tactical Loudspeakers Project Crystal-Clear Voice and Siren Tones For Mission-Critical Operations.    SC 1100® is the most powerful speaker of its size on the market. Carry it by backpack, hand, or mount it to a vehicle and see the ease of delivering crystal-clear voice warnings with any of the four built-in sirens. Drive 1 to 4 speakers over 1000 meters (2/3 Mile). When seconds count, there’s no time for doubt.   


The Pow-R-Entry® breaches locked doors, gates, security bars, fences, and padlocks quickly and safely. Pow-R-Entry  is specially designed driver and cutting heads break through obstacles with over 30,000lbs (13,600 kg) of controlled force at the point of contact.  

Rhino Wheel Boot®

If you are looking for the wheel boot that is reasonably priced, quickly recognizable, easy to use, but most difficult to defeat, then you are looking for Rhino patented one piece. There is no assembly required and is known as the top boot by satisfied users throughout the USA, both public and private.

Alert Commander®

Getting clear intelligible pre-recorded messages and warning tones out to those in danger during incidents or tactical operations will save the lives.. The AlertCommander® Pre-recorded Alert Warning and Message Delivery System consist of pre-installed, feature filled proprietary AlertCommanderPC® (ACPC) software  program and a ruggedized, handheld portable Digital Output Station.

DECON Mobile® Wash Station

Designed for quick assembly The Hoop system set up in just minutes, can be reconfigured to use for patients on backboards, and breaks down for easy storage. Set up includes a full DECON line with three wash pools, berm, and interchangeable Hoop wash components. The Hoop Decon Wash System (and components) are very reasonably priced and within the budgets of almost any small city, fire departments, military units, first responder organizations, or private industry with a potential hazmat problem.

3500 (Portable)
“Giant Voice” Audio projection in full 360º.
SoundCommander® 5600
AHD (Acoustic Hailing Device)
Speakers that protect the hearing of anyone standing alongside or behind it.
Complete solution that projects warning tones crystal clear, live and pre-recorded voice audio over a full 360º area.
1100CP (Portable)
Powerful, Portable Tactical Loudspeakers Project Crystal-Clear Voice and Siren Tones For Mission-Critical Operations.
Alert Commander®
Pre-recorded Alert Warning and Message Delivery System.
Breaches locked doors, gates, security bars, fences, and padlocks quickly and safely. 30,000lbs (13,600 kg) of controlled force at the point of contact.  
Rhino Wheel Boot®
Top boot by satisfied users throughout the USA
DECON Mobile® Wash Station
Designed for quick set-up on site. The Hoop system sets up in just minutes.

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Mass Notification Systems (MNS) and Emergency Communication Systems (ECS) have existed for a long time. Unfortunately there are times in both the animal and human kingdoms in which an emergency presents itself. Birds, meerkats,  dolphins, whales, and of course elephants all have something in common. They use sound to communicate with their pack. Humans aren’t much different. We too use sound to communicate. These intelligent animals have instinctually developed systems of emergency and mass notification. When there is danger within range of an animal like the elephant, it has the potential to notify all the animals within the vicinity where and what is happening.


Mass Notification System refers to a set of methods that enable the dissemination or broadcast of messages to one or many groups of people by alerting them to an emergency. This broadcast acts as a preventative measure to avoid possible loss of financial assets as well as human life. Mass notification systems are designed intending to integrate the cross-communication of messages between varieties of communication technologies. It forms a unified communication system which is designed to optimize communications during emergencies.

Sound and Technology

Sound: Mechanical vibrations transmitted through an elastic medium, traveling in air at a speed of approximately 2087 feet (331meters) per second.

Technology: The application of scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life or, as it is sometimes phrased, to change and manipulate the human environment.

IML Corp has spent over 30 years mastering their scientific method the application of sound to the environment of safety. IML Corp has built their company based on customizing sound pressure to protect human life. The process and method of IML Corp is by definition scientific. Since the beginning of time, the sound has been utilized in order to better the environment through IML Corps design they embody sound and technology.

IML Corp on a changing enviroment

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