Pre-Recorded Warning and Message Delivery

For Mass Notification & Public Address

Loudspeaker Systems

ALERTCOMMANDER® is a feature-filled pre-recorded alert tone, warning, and voice message delivery system that enables the user to download audio files, record their own messages or warnings, select, manipulate and edit the messages, then project the highest quality pre-recorded sound files through SOUNDCOMMANDER® high power, loudspeaker systems. The ALERTCOMMANDER® system is unique in its advanced capabilities, flexibility, portability, and lightweight.

AlertCommander's® 4 Step Process

Download Audio Files

PC or Android-based operating system. Easily customized to phone, tablet or computer.
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Manipulate your audio, or record new messages. Right inside the system.
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With one button select the audio message or alert tone you want to broadcast. Quick and easy, loud and clear emergency or public broadcast.
Customize Installation


With one touch your sound is sent to any or all SoundCommander® systems.
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There are two Major Components!

1. IMLCORP’s Proprietary ALERTCOMMANDER PC® (ACPC) software program the user installs on their Windows® PC.

2. The ALERTCOMMANDER® Output Station is a lightweight, handheld, or desktop, Android-based tablet computer.


Operating System for Windows® PC

Simple INterface

A straight forward, easy to understand and operate main program screen.


An external computer microphone for quick local recording of voice messages.

Keep things Organized

Organize the files into different categories. Manipulate, rename them, add written descriptive comments, edit and improve their audio quality, and generate custom playback parameters. Quickly record new message files.

Voice editing

Built-in voice message recorder, to quickly record new messages or commands. Integral voice and file editing software.

Recored Your own warning

Download, input from external sources, or record your own warning sirens, or tactical alert tones and voice message files in any language and store them in the ACPC Source File Library on the main PC program screen for later use.

stay prepared

Make and pre-store output file lists for future export. Select the desired messages or warnings from the ACPC program Output List and export them to the Output Station for delivery through a SOUNDCOMMANDER® Sound System.

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Portable Output Station

The AC Output Station is a lightweight, handheld, or desktop, Android-based tablet computer, with which the operator selects and plays stored warnings, alert tones, or messages through any SOUNDCOMMANDER® sound system. It contains: Pre-installed Proprietary AlertCommander OS© (ACOS) Software.

HD TOuchScreen

Includes high-resolution color touch screen technology. Just tap or roll the touch screen with a finger to locate and play files.

Audio Control

The user can further control the output by selecting different states; Play Once, Timed Play or Play Continuously.

One Touch Selection

The user selects the appropriate file, from either a “Warnings” folder or a “Sound Bites” folder with the touch of a finger, rolls the screen to the appropriate file, then instantly sending it to the SoundCommander® sound system with a light finger tap.

Password Protected

A password protected “Technician” setting enables a technician to enter the system to make changes or to troubleshoot the software.

Trusted Clients & Allies

Phone (678) – 331 – 3190

Fax (678) – 331 – 3170

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