Custom-Engineered Sound Systems

Raise the Performance Bar, Not the Price

At IMLCORP, we are sound specialists with a wealth of engineering resources. Because not every need for a loudspeaker system requires the mission-critical standards to which we build our SoundCommander®, we can offer you a quality-engineered system that meets your performance and budget needs. 

Performance above Standards

Simply put, you don’t have to settle for lesser quality at a lower price. We can match all the technical details – frequency levels, amplification, harmonics, etc. – to your application and budget needs to give you outstanding performance and value. We can apply our experience and knowledge to integrate your loudspeaker with other communications technologies, such as signage systems, to ensure you create the experience you envision. 

Count on IMLCORP to give you the sound system you need at a price you want to pay.

  • Proven Credibility and History
  • Rapid Customization Flexibility

Benefits of the SoundCommander® System

  • Lifetime Customer Support
  • Strategic Collaboration Partners
  • Made in the USA

Trusted Clients & Allies

Phone (678) – 331 – 3190

Fax (678) – 331 – 3170

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