Fire Fighting, Disaster Response, Search & Rescue

Saving lives is as mission-critical as it gets during firefighting, first responses during natural and manmade disasters and search & rescue operations. Equipment must be top-of-the-line in ruggedness and performance, and loudspeaker systems must be capable of delivering loud, clear warning tones and instructions. SoundCommander® portable and deployable loudspeaker systems for tactical mass notification systems meet those crucial requirements.

Fire Rescue and Emergency Site Management

SoundCommander® loudspeaker systems give commanders direct management of every phase of fire rescue and emergency site response management. Our portable tactical systems can be carried by hand strap, shoulder strap, or as a backpack or mounted on vehicles to reach people in need of direction. The SoundCommander® 5600 acoustic hailing device can be split into separate arrays to provide wider coverage while still being directional. Our deployable SC 3500 loudspeaker systems are ideally suited for helping you manage temporary shelters and base camps more effectively.

Disaster Response

Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the Haiti earthquake of 2010, the Japanese tsunami of 2011, sinkholes, refugee camps and tornado scenes all have one thing in common:  emergency responders needing to provide instructions to thousands of dispersed, distressed people. Only powerful loudspeaker systems with high levels of voice clarity can provide the means required for coordination. The systems must also be mobile enough to erect and operate on the fly and highly reliable. These are the reasons why IMLCORP has designed and built SoundCommander® SC1100 portable and SC3500 deployable loudspeaker systems, which continue to excel.

  • Proven credibility and history
  • Field maintainable
  • Modular design for battery, amplifier, control and speaker replacements
  • Defense clearance and fully owned intellectual property
  • Enterprise operations, family-owned pride, and values
  • Rapid customization ability and flexibility
  • Engineers, associates, and assembly are all in the same facility in Marietta, GA USA
  • Appropriate solutions for needs and budgets
  • Lifetime customer support
  • The most durable assembly standards in the world
  • Strategic Collaboration Partners to meet your specific application requirements

Trusted Clients & Allies

Phone (678) – 331 – 3190

Fax (678) – 331 – 3170

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