Industry, Construction, & Mining

Industrial facilities, construction sites and mines require strong and powerful outdoor emergency notification systems that can integrate with existing facility infrastructure and systems. IMLCORP Sound Solutions can help you add the outdoor-speaker component to your emergency notification system. We use building blocks from our stock products – speakers, amplifiers and other equipment – to design and deliver custom solutions to meet your needs and budget. We also work with strategic partners with complementary emergency mass notification technologies to give you a comprehensive solution.

Heavy Industry

When emergencies arise where people work with heavy machinery and equipment or volatile processes, seconds matter for issuing clear, easily heard instructions. IMLCORP loudspeaker systems and our strategic partners make those seconds count. They cut through the noise and commotion to help emergency and security staff get everyone to safety in manufacturing facilities, petrochemical plants, public utility stations, mines and oil drilling rigs onshore and offshore.

  • Proven credibility and history
  • Field maintainable
  • Modular design for battery, amplifier, control and speaker replacements
  • Defense clearance and fully owned intellectual property
  • Enterprise operations, family owned pride and values
  • Rapid customization ability and flexibility
  • Engineers, associates, and assembly are all in same facility in Marietta, GA USA
  • Appropriate solutions for needs and budgets
  • Lifetime customer support
  • The most durable assembly standards in the world
  • Strategic Collaboration Partners to meet your specific application requirements

All SoundCommander systems can be integrated with other communications technologies to make sure you have the best possible messaging coverage for your mission or other notification needs. We can custom design a system to fit your specific application and give you loudspeakers that exceed minimum standards for voice intelligibility.

Trusted Clients & Allies

Phone (678) – 331 – 3190

Fax (678) – 331 – 3170

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