PA systems

Outside Alert & Notification

Now that we have the personnel inside the building notified and directed towards safety areas, how about employees in the warehouse floor, factory areas, parking lots, and general outside surrounding areas? These zones can be super noisy with ambient noise and very large.

  • Unparalleled Sound Power and Clarity
  • Amplifiers and Integration Electronics Included
  • Wired and Wireless Inputs & Outputs
  • All Assembly in Marietta, GA USA
  • Most durable assembly standards in the world
  • Installation Services or Easy-Self-Mount Pre-Config Available

Standard speaker systems won’t be strong enough to deliver the critical messages loud and clear enough; and ordinary sirens or alarms don’t provide enough operational detail on what to do.

Deliver emergency mass notification announcements, instructions and warnings loud and clear with the SoundCommander® line of Loudspeaker Mass Notification.  Scientifically placed SoundCommander® loudspeakers cover specific outdoor areas with powerful sirens and the clearest pre-recorded and live voice messages.

Command & Control Center Software

Powerful notification technology should be able to (1) Delivered messages instantaneously. Emergencies happen fast so your notification system should take effect just as quick. (2) Deliver the correct information to the proper people. Every area in an emergency will be affected differently so notification systems must take that into account.

Emergency managers can now manage indoor and outdoor notification from a single easy-to-use browser interface. View your notification devices overlaid onto building floor plans and area maps to clearly see and control each device and loudspeaker, as well as, Pre-define and Automate emergency messages for each area zone. Robust User Authorization and accessibility for onsite and remote operation.

Trusted Clients & Allies

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Fax (678) – 331 – 3170

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