SoundCommander® 3500 (Portable)

The SoundCommander ®3500 is the powerful, wide area loudspeaker system of choice for military basses, deployed, military units, police, fire, refuge, camps, public venues and emergency response services throughout the world. Get the word out with superior intelligibility and clarity with the SoundCommander®3500 : “Giant Voice” projection in full 360º

SoundCommander® 5600 AHD (Acoustic Hailing Device)

The new SC5600 is an array of six speakers that can be used as a single unit or two three-speaker arrays. Improved, optimized internal sound dampening materials over the previous SoundCommander 3600 series speakers protect the hearing of anyone standing alongside or behind it. The SC5600 comes with a 600-watt amplifier and newly designed electrics.

SoundCommander® SC360

The SoundCommander® sc360 wide area mass notification loudspeaker system is a complete solution that projects warning tones crystal clear, live and pre-recorded voice audio over a full 360º area. With the SC360 systems, your live voice messages will be heard loud and clear and be fully intelligible to extend ranges to a radius of up to 800 meters. It is the powerful fixed installation loudspeaker system of choice for colleges and universities military bases, zoos, parks, and other large outdoor venues.

SoundCommander® 1100CP (Portable)

Powerful, Portable Tactical Loudspeakers Project Crystal-Clear Voice and Siren Tones For Mission-Critical Operations. SoundCommander® SC 1100 is the most powerful speaker of its size on the market. Carry it by backpack or hand or mount it to a vehicle. Deliver crystal-clear voice and your warnings with any of the four built-in sirens. Drive 1 to 4 speakers over 1000 meters (2/3 Mile). When seconds count, there’s no time for doubt.   

Alert Commander®

Getting clear, intelligible pre-recorded messages and warning tones out to those who are in danger, during incidents or tactical operations will save the lives of those who can hear them. The AlertCommander® Pre-recorded Alert Warning and Message Delivery System consist of pre-installed, feature-filled proprietary AlertCommanderPC® (ACPC) software program and a ruggedized, handheld portable Digital Output Station.


The Pow-R-Entry breaches locked doors, gates, security bars.  fences and padlocks quickly and safely. Pow-R-Entry specially designed driver and cutting heads break through obstacles with over 30,000lbs (13,600 kg) of controlled force at the point of contact.  

Rhino Wheel Boot

If you are looking for the wheel boot that is reasonably priced, easy to use and see, but most difficult to defeat, then you are looking for Rhino patented one piece, no assembly required to design is well recognized as the top boot by satisfied users throughout the USA both public and private.

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Decon Mobile Wash Station

Designed for quick set-up on site. The Hoop system set up in just minutes. Even setting up a full Decon line with three wash pools, berm, and Hoop wash components are amazingly fast and easy to do on site. 

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