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If you are looking for the wheel boot that is reasonably priced, easy to use and see, but most difficult to defeat, then you are looking for Rhino patented one piece, no assembly required design, is well recognized as the top boot by satisfied users throughout the USA both public and private. Rhino is the wheel immobilizer used for parking enforcement by Washington DC, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New Orleans and hundreds of other cities in the U.S. and in over 40 countries around the world, since 1958.

The H-12, H-14 and HG-12 models comprise about 90% of Miti Wheel Immobilizer sales. Which model is right for you will depend on the type of operation you are running and the location of the parking facilities to be enforced.


The H-12 and H-14 models are the popular standard boots for vehicles with a tire cross section width up to P215. They fit vehicles with standard width, 13” to 17” wheels. The customers typically mix about 70% H-14 and 30% H-12 boots. They are interchangeable, but occasionally, due to hub cap or rim design, one may fit a particular model better than the other. Most modern American cars have wheel rims of 15 inches or more. For these larger rims 15” and above the H-14 model is preferred.

They are one piece, no assembly required. Goes on in about 30 seconds. They are very well balanced, easy to carry and to put on and take off without getting dirty.  Rhino boots are large enough and very bright orange, to be easily seen by not only the perpetrator, but also by anyone else driving past the booted car.  The dome tightens directly over and seals the lug nuts, thus making it almost impossible to remove the tire. It does not just loosely “cover” the lug nuts and air inlet valve.  Rhino boots will not damage mag. or chrome wheels, as some other brands will.


The HG Boot is the most flexible model

It is of heavier duty construction than the “H” models. It fits both regular width (under P225) and the extra wide tires like those on 4X4s and SUVs. The HG-12 It easily mounts on both standard and extra wide wheels from 13” rims up to 17″. It can also be used on larger rims. However the HG-14 which mounts on rims from 15” up to the 19 and 20” rims that are so popular now is best for the job. About 80% of new cars have rims 15” or larger. The HG boots include Rhino spring loaded “Grabber Arm” which presses directly in to the side of the tire. The “Grabber” causes no damage unless the violator tries to remove the boot or to drive off of it. Then it will shred the tire. The HG boots are extremely difficult to defeat when properly attached.

The M4-S is the motorcycle boot

It clamps on to the rear tire and rim of the bike making it impossible to drive off with it on.

The HG-B two piece immobilizer

Is Rhino’s newest heavy duty boot. It is the boot used exclusively by the city of Washington DC parking authority and is designed for booting cars on city streets in the most difficult locations.

Models are also available for immobilizing medium and large size trucks, and trailers. Call 678-331-3190 for more information.

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